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Sunday Training Rows

Dave M
As mentioned at this year's AGM, the time after the Open Row on Sundays can be used for organising a training row. These will primarily be aimed at increasing fitness and stamina, and will be a good early introduction to the training required for the Great River Race. We will also try and facilitate some coaching in these sessions but that is somewhat dependent on who is available. The cost of these rows will be the same as per excursion rows.

If no post is made in the week leading up to a Sunday, it would be good if somebody could please volunteer to take on the organisation for that week. It is not expected that those designated to be running the Open row will organise a training row although they are welcome to do so if they are happy doing that. The intention is to rely on volunteers for organising these rows as opposed to rostering them on the Diary.

The training rows can be arranged to start 90 minutes after the Open row start time. It would be good if training row attendees could come and help out in the Open row if possible but that is not mandatory.
With regards to this weekend (26/01/2020), if anyone is interested in organising, feel free to post separately but the current forecast looks borderline for rowing.

With regards to the Open row itself, for it to work effectively, we typically will need at least three additional members to the three members who have been rostered for that week in order to ensure that we can have a safe balance of new and experienced rowers in each boat. It would thus be good if everyone can try and get down to a few Sunday sessions each year for which they are not rostered. You can always stay and do the training row too if you fancy.

Dave & Rachel