Row Log re Teifi 18.00 Tuesday 7th August

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Row Log re Teifi 18.00 Tuesday 7th August

Andy Mac
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Hi All,

Departed 18.40
Returned 21.10

Row and drift around marker point.

Weather still, calm with occasional Westerly F2/3 gusts.

Thunder , amazing rainbows with lots of lightning further down over the Witterings and East Head.

A shoal of mackerel gave hundreds of Terns and Gulls a treat driving the small fry to the surface.

Seals and wonderful skies abound as " Terror " wound her way to the very tip of a Rainbow.

Canister and radio switched off returned to garage at 21.20. Pin Money dropped off.

One very beautiful and highly memorable rowing experience.

Cheers, Best


Wendy and are will be taking a Teifi out until dusk on Tuesday evening.

We will set off at 18.00 and have the boat back in the compound by 21.00

We will be rowing down to marker point an d having a picnic on the drift.

We will take a canister and radio and will of course check the kit back in.

See you all soon.