Round Hayling Island Race 25th June

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Round Hayling Island Race 25th June

Dear All,
The organisation for the annual round Hayling race will be starting to appear now.  Other clubs will be racing with us.  It is the Cutters responsibility to host the day.  There are several areas in which we will need help, so you will be seeing posts from different people organising their part of the day.  Please find the bit where you feel you fit in and signup.

Posts will be for:-
1) to row in the race.
1a) the Captain of the boat will collect the entry fee £10 on the day and register the boat.

2) to help with food, making cakes before, serving tea/coffee and cakes and/or helping with the BBQ on the day.
2a) start of Cateering 9am finish 4pm! So we will need lots of volunteers.

3) Clear down and tidy up.
3a) if we don't manage to fully dress the boats and clear the rubbish up due to wether or exhaustion, I will organise a lunchtime row on the Monday to do this. But it maybe only posted on the Monday!

4) you will also see a post for the Saturday night 24th dinner and live band. All your friends and family are welcome to buy tickets.

So you will be able to help with Cateering and row and tidy up, because we are the Cutters trained for endurance and having great team spirit and fun together.

Your friends and family are welcome to cheer you on along the edge points of the Island and if they would like to join the volunteer team of helpers that would be amazing. You do not have to row to be participating fully in this day.

I know some of you signed in Mikes post to say you would help, thank you. But can I ask you to sign again when you see the organisers of their section post ie row, cater.

Thank you so much. No need to post here unless There is something I missed telling you!