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Mike Gilbert
Hear! Hear! Bobby... 

Thanks to all the Langstone Cutters for the RHRR support.

Meet and greet, launching boats, food and drinks, headmaster, timing and race control, safety and guidance on the water and recovery and tidying up... 

Great effort and rewarded by very positive comments from attendees, even though the weather stopped the full round...

Brilliant effort...

Mike Gilbert 

On 26 Jun 2017 09:30, "BobbyClayton [via Langstone Cutters RC]" <[hidden email]> wrote:
I would like to thank everyone that helped with there time & cake making for RIR, it was a great success

But especially to Marilyn, Frances & John that gave up there whole day to sale the amazing cakes & make tea/coffee & support me sure your feet are throbbing today as mine are. Plus the others that helped of course.
Im Sure Christine will let the club know the amount you all raised for the club to help repair those poor hard working boats as soon as its counted.

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