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Mike Gilbert
sounds like  a plan... count me in...

On 13 July 2014 20:18, Chris Partridge [via Langstone Cutters RC] <[hidden email]> wrote:
Geoff is sunning himself in Belize or somewhere so it's me again. Sorry.
Thursday looks like being an extremely nice day with sun, fluffy white clouds and warm breezes. High tide is at 16.00 which is TEA TIME, so I suggest we take a picnic tea to Bream Hill.
For those that might not have heard of this wonderful place, Bream Hill is the grassy knoll next to the north slipway at the marina. Chris and Robina have been mowing it so it has become a truly lovely place to picnic.
For me, tea means wafer-thin cucumber sandwiches, strawberries, scones and cream. Also, of course, tea. If you are interested in coming along, please specify which ingredient you would like to bring - nobody needs to bring more than one, though it might be a good idea if two people brought flasks of tea to ensure we have enough. Don't forget rugs.
I might bring a bottle of Cava if I get really carried away.
We will meet at the Mill at 14.00 and get out on the water for a row down harbour and back up to Bream Hill. Back to the Mill at about 1700 depending on how lavish the tea is.

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