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Mike Gilbert
Well done Colin...

On Fri, 2 Nov 2018, 12:08 Colin McPhee [via Langstone Cutters RC] <[hidden email] wrote:
Morning Cutters

I have been through the list of those who have expressed an interest to row . Please can you look below  to ensure your name is on the list if you have asked to take part  . If I have missed you ( shame on me ) please let me know . If you want to be added please let me know there is still time.

The good news is 40 or 41  have come forward so we will have an Armada venturing to Emsworth  . We need the flags in the boats for this one and please remember to wear any of the old Cutters Shirts you may have at the bottom of your cupboards signifying historic events of the Cutters ( preferably ones which are not covering in paint or been used for gardening !!!) Before anyone gets worried that we may not have enough boats have no fear as I have done a "lend lease deal " for no consideration to borrow more boats as needs be so no one is disappointed

On the times high tide is 12.35 and it is a 4.6m so is perfect - I will monitor the weather next week as well and give you updates

THE plan is to meet at 10.30 ish to get the boats ready with a view to launching at 11 am - Row over to Emsworth for 12 pm for a refreshment at the Bluebell or Coal Exchange and then row back to get back to Langstone for 2 pm for a light buffet in the Royal Oak ( plus another drink or two) . if you are aware of present or past members who do not want to row but would like to come along to the Royal Oak to join please feel free to invite them but please can you let us know so we can give the pub an idea of numbers.

For those rowing  we will suggest crews for each boat during the week . Please note the idea is you will return to Langstone in a different boat than the one you rowed to Emsworth in so there is plenty of opportunity for me to get confused in mixing everyone up . I will bring crew lists down ( reverting to paper) on the day for every one. Hopefully we will have a boat of starting members of the club leading the way !!!

The names I have are

Martin S
Mo Evans
Liz W
Phil P
Alan Harding
Steve Woods
Sue Loveridge
Mike Gilbert
Jacky Griffin
Chris Partridge
Ann Plater
Bobby Clayton
Les Goodall
Gillian Burn plus John and may be children ( or some combination)
Sadie Snowden
Len Buckle
Alison B
Jane Freeman

 Any Questions please feel free to ask

Happy Days


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