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Mike Gilbert
...I have been rummaging around to find old Shirts and found some old photos... If anyone else has old photos Colin has made a board to pin them u and I have some I post-its to label them... bring them along...

On Fri, 9 Nov 2018, 16:28 Colin McPhee [via Langstone Cutters RC] <[hidden email] wrote:

 Dear All

Mike and I worked out the boat allocation last night . Mike has skilfully prepared it all on Word Format which I hope I have uploaded so you can read it . it is below


I have hard copies of the plan which I will have with me for tomorrow so if you can not see the plan I am sorry but it will be a surprise for you in the morning. I am pleased to say we have 43 rowers and an armada of 9 boats  for our row to Emsworth and back and light lunch at the Royal  Oak afterwards

There is a 50% chance or rain so please bring worm and waterproof clothing

The boat Rachel is in will have to collect her on route from Northerny

Marilyn will have the honour of leading with the first boat the club acquired ( Gladys )

Please dig out and don your old club shirts

Please just check the forum in the morning . There is a big storm planned tonight which should subside by 2 am tomorrow .  We will have final "pitch inspection" at 7.15 am tomorrow to make sure the storm has passed and the row will be enjoyable and I will post to confirm

I recall Gillian and John asked to bring their children which is fine as I am sure we can slot them in - Please can they have life jackets

We are meeting at 10.30 to prepare the boats with a view of leaving at 11 am on the dot please

BEst Wishes


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