Our Friends at Oarsome chance are asking us for support & help

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Our Friends at Oarsome chance are asking us for support & help

Andy Mac
For those who are not familiar with the Oarsome Chance charity.

Please give this super organization your votes. It only takes a few minutes and will hopefully assist in gaining funding for this excellent youth support group, which helps in providing 9/19 year olds with a better and healthier quality of life. Thank You. Best, Andy

PS This is the same project which we assisted the gig club with last year. You ONLY have to sign up and give VOTES and nothing else.


Thanks, Best


Hi all


A small favour to ask :)

The voting has now opened for the Aviva Community Fund - Its also posted up on facebook / twitter.


Can I ask you all to sign in and vote for us please?. Everyone is given 10 votes which hopefully you will use voting for us! It doesn’t matter where you live in the UK, so people can share far and wide to get us votes.


You just need to complete a simple registration to get their 10 votes.


If we get to the finals, we’d be in with a chance to win funding up to £10k -


Thank you so much

Vicki Gillard
Oarsome Chance