L.C.R.C. alias Lock, Cabinet, Radio, Consideration.

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L.C.R.C. alias Lock, Cabinet, Radio, Consideration.

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L.C.R.C.   alias Lock, Cabinet, Radio, Consideration.    (note that original post was Thursday 19th but didn’t appear on site, so here it is again)

As Colin has averred in his club message, the Cutters are not to be defeated in this battle with COVID-19 !   I am sure that someone, somewhere, at sometime will have a go at getting out on the water for a bit of exercise. With that in mind I have done some small jobs to assist. These, and other suggestions, are set out below.
  A.   LOCK. The lock has been replaced. Same method of access etc. but be aware of the following:-
1 Do not force it. 2 Make sure the numbers are properly lined up. 3 Try not to get salty hands on it (wash it in fresh water if necessary)(water-bottle). 4 DO NOT LEAVE IT OPEN, and always spin the numbers after you have locked up again!  When I last visited the boat park the lock was open, and the current code was lined up. A particular treat for any unexpected visitors – and in these unfortunate times we should be more aware of the need for security.
  B.  CABINET. Has been cleaned and (to a degree) sanitised to remove large amounts of birdxxxx on it (from well-fed specimens perching above)! Try not to leave the cabinet parked under branches. The birds seem to aim for the lock!
  C.  RADIO. I have charged up all the Walky-Talkies, sanitised them (Yes! They smell nice now!), and have returned them to their store. I have also recharged VHF No.3 which was absolutely flat –see note * below, and sanitised ALL the VHF’s.                                
  D. CONSIDERATION.   In these COVIDuous times it is well worth being more aware of safety than has been the case in the past.
For instance: There is no reason for experienced rowers to not go out in a Teifi (or two), provided they make allowance for sole or singular group safety on (and off) the water.
For instance: Two people taking out two Teifis, so that  each can lend a hand (keeping the requisite distance apart) at launching and retrieval of the boats, thus reducing the risk of strains or slips. Two Teifis on the water will reduce the risk if something goes wrong with one.
For instance: Take a Teifi out, and take a radio (and a lifejacket if you are alone)! Even if there are two (or more) of you, I WOULD SUGGEST THAT, as well as the radio, YOU make sure you have a SHORE CONTACT who is GUARANTEED to be available all the time you are out on the water – and who knows your planned route!
 Relying on implicit safety support from other people on the water (and services, such as harbour patrols) at this time of year, and with the added complication of COVID-19, may be misplaced.
For instance::  Take a boat out, take a radio, and use it! Rather like having a lifejacket in your bag, having a radio somewhere on board but not switched on, is rather pointless if you suddenly find yourself in the water! Attach the radio to yourself, and make sure you have done a radio-check to make sure you have not picked up the radio used last week (that somebody forgot to turn off when they finished their row) and is now flat!!!

By radio I mean either VHF or Walky-Talky. Both have (contrary to some opinions) adequate range, volume and clarity. VHF has greater range, and the added plus of being monitored by emergency services.  For VHF use the person in charge has to have a short range R/T licence.
The Walky-Talky has the advantage of less interference from idle chatter by other R/T users who ignore correct usage protocols.
 Ours have a scrambler making conversational use more private. [Unlike the VHF] the Walky-Talky can be legally used by anyone on shore. So you could leave your shore-contact with one of the Walky-Talkies, in case you wanted to relay a message to someone on land.
FIND OUT EXACTLY HOW TO USE YOUR RADIO!  I have personally had several people come to me, before/during/ and after rows, complaining that the “radio doesn’t work”.
The most common reason is that the operator has been unsure of the correct button to push, has inadvertently pressed the volume button and turned the speaker volume down low, or even right off!
If they are a persevering type they may also have found the “keypad lock”, managed to turn it off, and then switched to a different channel! If you are unsure ask the row leader/cox/beachmaster.
The Teifi case has full instruction sets for all our radios, and a few other useful details.

* Flat VHF radio.     The flat battery had been caused by leaving the VHF wet with salt water when it was returned to the store. All our sets have a "flash and float" facility so that when in sea water the internal light will turn on and flash to make the radio set easily visible. It will continue to do this until the sea water is removed. All the radios are waterproof. RINSE THEM IN FRESH WATER (your water bottle?) if they have salt water on them!

Has this epistle taken your mind off COVID-19???  I hope not completely, as that is important too, as we are all (unfortunately) finding out!

Perhaps next week somebody can make up another topical interpretation of "L.C.R.C."...... ?
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Re: L.C.R.C. alias Lock, Cabinet, Radio, Consideration.

Well done Nigel
Sounds as though you have been busy making it safe for all to get out.
Take care keep well x