Hamble River Raid 19th May Arrangements

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Hamble River Raid 19th May Arrangements

Dave M
Arrangements for Saturday are as follows:

We will meet at Langstone Boat Park between 08:30 and 08:45 to put remaining boats on to trailers, secure boats on trailers and hook up for towing.

Towing will be performed by:

Steve W (St Ayles Skiffs x 2)
Phil (Galley x 2 or Galley / Teifi)
Steve F (Galley or Teifi)
Nigel (Clayton & Teifi)

Hopefully a number of us will be able to get a lift share with one of the towers. If anyone will be looking to drive over and can give lifts, can you please reply to the post.

We will set off for Hamble Point marina to arrive hopefully by 10:30. Post code for the Marina is SO31 4NB.

We will then unload the boats and once all unloaded, we will row down to the start/finish at Hamble and moor up on the beach. There is a café, kiosk and the HRR refreshment tent there for some well needed food and drink.

Racing starts from approx. 13:30.

After racing has completed, we will wait on the water for all our boats to finish (Anne N might need to be dropped off on the beach in order to set off back to Surrey). We will then return to the Marina and load the boats back on to the trailers.

We will then drive back to the start/finish to enjoy the refreshments provided by the HRR team and to await the prize giving.

After prize giving, towers will return to the Marina in order to pick up the boats. We will return to Langstone. Some assistance will be required to move the trailers back into the boat park and to possibly unload some boats. The remaining boats will be taken off of trailers the following day assuming sufficient numbers sign up for the “Tea on the Quay” row on Sunday (please see Mark T’s separate post on the forum).

We will need to register between 11:00 and 12:00 so we might send somebody off to do that from the Marina whilst we are unloading boats. I need to confirm what information we need for that.

Remember that entry for each participant is £10. Can one person, please arrange to collect the money from each crew member of your boat and then pass to me or Jenny when you have collected for everyone. Towers do not need to pay.

I have amended my post regarding the HRR teams to make a couple of minor changes and moved it towards the top of the forum. Please see that post if you are unsure of who is in your team or what boat you are rowing.

Please note that the above are subject to change so I would recommend everyone checks the forum on Friday evening for any late changes.

If I have missed anything, please let me know.

Look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday.

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Re: Hamble River Raid 19th May Arrangements

Andy Mac
Hi Dave

Many Thanks for all of your hard work, input and arrangements.

I also recall that the HRR presents us with crew lists which we have to complete and tend to do this when I am collecting the crew's money.

We are happy to give TWO rowers a lift if someone wants to lift share?

07407 734609 please feel free to call up to 10 pm.

Thanks for al of your hard graft Dave, Steve W etc  etc.

Hugely appreciated.

Sorry that we were unable to assist with loading last night, but we were both working until nearly 10 pm


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Re: Hamble River Raid 19th May Arrangements

len buckle
In reply to this post by Dave M
good luck to all crews on the hamble hope to be back rowing soon len