Get Up and Go! Thank You All!

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Get Up and Go! Thank You All!

Mike Gilbert
Wow! what lovely evening we had... 16 participants of the 2 courses running at the moment attend the 'meet the Cutters' part of the Course.  They were hosted by Chris P, Dave, Tom, Les (diverted from trailer fixing) and Sue - plus Mark and Steve later on.....

We got 5 boats out including both Solent Galleys, both the Teifis and 15 Seconds. It was windy (and weedy) with not much water, but we did well and everyone had a great times, half of them stayed for a bit of refreshment afterward!!

The feedback was great...!Thank You All

Thanks you Cutters, for making them so welcome and look forward to seeing the next bunch on Saturday 6th July... at the open Day on the Northney Marina side -10am to 16.00.

See a later posting for help...