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Confined Cutters - sharing a laugh

Hello Cutters

This past week, I’ve been sending & receiving WhatsApp messages from GUAG rowers and sharing a bit of love (from 2m apart) and laughter with all those who are dutifully obeying Boris and are hibernating.

A number of people have told me that they are on their own and their close family members live a distance away, some are self-isolating for medical reasons so they’re keeping away from people, some have told me they’re a bit scared and/or lonely by what’s happening and would really appreciate any outside contact that would cheer them up etc.

On an individual basis, we’ve been sharing funny little videos and photos relating to ‘The Virus’. All have put a smile on our faces and others have just made you burst out laughing. Personally, when I want a really good belly laugh then I watch some of them again. We’re pacing ourselves when adding images so we don’t all run out of material. You don’t need to add anything if you don’t want to, you can just look and enjoy. The main thing is that we’re keeping in touch and supporting each other through laughter.

This coronavirus situation will probably get worse so it’s been a complete pleasure sending and receiving these humorous videos just to lighten our daily confined lives and to keep in contact.

As Colin McPhee mentioned in his post last week, ‘the Cutters is a social club and no one wants this period of enforced isolation to become a miserable experience for anyone’.

As a result, I thought I’d create a WhatsApp Group so everyone in the Cutters can share a laugh. If you’re interested and you want to join the ‘Confined Cutters’ WhatsApp group please text me your full name and your mobile number to (07594) 436 779. I’ll be setting up the WA group at the weekend so if you could text me your mobile number by Friday then that would be great.

Take care and keep safe and healthy.