Boat Park Thank you All Sorted GRR crews Thank you

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Boat Park Thank you All Sorted GRR crews Thank you

Steve Woods
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Up Date - GRR crews kindly sorted the boat park moving.

Big Thank you to the Galley crews, Geoff and Nigel for the annual Boat Park clearance as part of our Tenancy Agreement for which we are very grateful. Big Thank You to Marilyn who did have a Garden but now has a Boat Park

Please note with the agreement of the Bosun and the Rowing captains the Galleys will remain on the Double Trailer ready to tow to Scotland on Friday for the Castle to Crane race and a dipping in Loch Lomond... still x2 places left??

So.. please post if you can help and move everything carefully and mindfully to avoid injury please.

Row Organisers please note only Claydon’s and, Tefi's and Salter available to row if numbers require more boats please contact Mike Gilbert for availability of the St Ayles Skiffs as we have a reciprocal arrangement with LAR and GET UP and GO fleet.


Steve Woods
07876 889 887