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Andrew B
Not for this weekend obviously, but when passing the entrance to the Marina please note.... that the dredger working in the marina, or to be exact, its soil hopper barge has knocked our very own 'Northney' Pile over and its now horizontal, with an isolated danger mark strapped to it, ( 2 black vertical balls ) . I should think it is underwater at high tide, so best to give our normal turning area at the exit from the marina a wide berth. Quite impressive really given the size of the pile, but then Split 3 is also large and unwieldy..
Local Notice to No.07 of 2018 Mariners


1. Mariners are advised that the port hand beacon at the entrance to Northney Marina Fl(4)R.10s in position 50º 50´.112 N, 000º 57´.779 W has been damaged and is lying at an angle of less than 30 degrees to the seabed parallel to the Sweare Deep Channel in an easterly direction.

2. An isolated danger mark has been deployed Fl(2) at the raised end of the pile, which will be submerged during half the tidal cycle.

3. Mariners are advised to navigate with caution in this area and give the isolated danger mark a wide berth.