15 Seconds use by Club Members this weekend.

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15 Seconds use by Club Members this weekend.

Mike Gilbert
Note that the Salter Skiff in the compound has been refurbished..Ian and I are happy for people to use it over the weekend - subject to the current rules.

Please note, she is booked for a private session on Monday 15.00 pm and Tuesday 15.00 pm and will operate from the Nothney Marina from then on.

This Friday to Sunday she can be used Solo or by co-isolating persons.

Clean down trailer handles and oars before and after use.
Book ahead.

The boat is launched from the launching trailer - do not use the road trailer. There is a C ring that has to be released before separating the trailers.

She has a BUNG which must be inserted before rowing and removed after.

She is stored so water runs to the stern.

For the technical bit, the gates are set up at even heights,  as she is normally used with wooden oars that do not overlap. However, for Club use there are 2 sets of Club Carbons in her that overlap. Please do not adjust the gates.

The oars are marked with green and red tape to tell you Bow oars (1× tape ring) and Stroke oars (2 x tape rings), they are colour coordinated with tape on the rowlocks as well.. it is intended to make it easy for you to put the right oar in the right rowlock.